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Alcohol posioning

If signs of alcohol poisoning exist, CALL 911.

Signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning:

  • Person is known to have consumed large quantities of alcohol.
  • Person is unconscious and cannot be awakened.
  • Person has cold, clammy, unusually pale or bluish skin.
  • Person is breathing slowly and irregularly, less than eight times a minute or 10 seconds or more between breaths.
  • Person vomits while passed out and does not wake up during or after.


What to do:

  1. Try to wake the person.
  2. Check the person's breathing.
  3. Turn the person on his/her side to prevent choking on their vomit.
  4. Do not leave the person alone. Continue to monitor their breathing, responsiveness, skin/lip color, etc.

Stand by your decision. Stand up for your friendship. Do the right thing based on your best judgment and your knowledge of alcohol poisoning. You are always doing the right thing by getting help. Learn more about partying safely, and alcohol poisoning signs and symptoms

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Emergency numbers

Police or Fire/Medical: 911
Public Safety Office: (785) 864-5900
Watkins Health Services: (785) 864-9500
Institutional Opportunity & Access: (785) 864-6414

Urgent care is an injury or illness that is not life threatening but requires immediate care. Contact Watkins Health Services at Watkins Memorial Health Center for on-campus urgent care services.

Be prepared

Students should keep their emergency contact information up to date through Enroll and Pay.

Be aware of your surroundings. Locate emergency exits or shelters in buildings you work in or visit.

In the event of severe weather, rely on local media or a NOAA weather radio for forecasts, watches and warnings from the National Weather Service.

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