The Lawrence Campus is


In case of imminent or actual flooding:

Flooding can occur because of major rainstorms, water main breaks or loss of power to sump pumps.

  1. If you can do so safely:
    • Secure vital equipment, records and hazardous materials by moving them to higher, safer ground.
    • Shut off all nonessential electrical equipment.
    • Wait for instructions from the Public Safety Office or Facilities Operations.
  2. Move all personnel to a safe area, away from the building in danger. Locate people with special needs and provide assistance if possible. Otherwise, provide their location to emergency responders.
  3. Do not return to the building until instructed to do so by the Public Safety Office or Facilities Operations.
  4. Call Facilities Operations for assistance with flood cleanup.

The Lawrence Campus is
Emergency numbers

Police or Fire/Medical: Call 911

Public Safety Office:  (785) 864-5900

Watkins Health Services:  (785) 864-9500

Institutional Opportunity & Access: (785) 864-6414

Urgent care is an injury or illness that is not life threatening but requires immediate care. Contact Watkins Health Services at Watkins Memorial Health Center for on-campus urgent care services. 

Be prepared
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The annual security report about KU safety policies, crime statistics, and campus resources is available online at, or on paper by contacting the Office of the Vice Provost of Student Affairs, 133 Strong Hall, (785) 864-4060.

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