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Severe weather FAQs

Winter brings with it the threat of severe weather. Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the university's policies regarding inclement weather.

How will I know if classes are canceled or if the workday has been delayed?

A delayed start or class cancellation on the Lawrence campus will be announced after 6 a.m. Check or the KU homepage; check; call KU's Inclement Weather Policy Line, 864-SNOW, or KU Info, 864-3506; or listen to local broadcast media, including Kansas Public Radio 91.5 FM, and Topeka and Kansas City radio and television stations. Students, and faculty and staff who signed up for emergency text messaging notification, will receive a text message about closures and delays on their mobile phones.

How will I know when the university is open?

KU does not make announcements when classes continue to meet as scheduled.

What about class cancelations at the Edwards Campus?

Decisions to cancel classes or curtail operations at the Edwards Campus are independent of the decisions made for the Lawrence campus. The Edwards Campus has its own weather line, (913) 897-8499, or visit

What happens if severe weather develops during the day?

KU officials may declare a weather emergency. In this case, afternoon and/or evening classes on the Lawrence Campus will be canceled and nonessential employees will be dismissed early. Employees will be contacted through an established calling tree and may be dismissed on a staggered basis.

How are decisions made to cancel classes?

The chancellor or provost and executive vice chancellor, in consultation with offices and agencies such as the Office of Public Safety, KU Parking and Transit, the Lawrence Police Department, the Kansas Highway Patrol, and the National Weather Service, will make the decision whether to cancel classes or curtail activities based on road conditions and weather forecasts.

What if Im driving from out of town during a snowstorm?

KU does not have a mandatory attendance policy. If you can’t travel safely because of poor road conditions, you should not drive to campus. Employees should use accumulated paid leave after seeking supervisory approval.

How will overnight shift employees be affected?

Inclement weather is usually declared in one-hour increments at either the beginning or the end of a normal 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. work shift. For example, if an employee works a shift that begins after midnight, ends before 8 a.m. and inclement weather is declared in the morning, the employee may leave work an hour early. Conversely, if inclement weather is declared at 4 p.m., an employee with an overnight shift may arrive at work one hour late.

How does invoking the inclement weather policy affect emergency employees?

Employees who have been designated by their departments as emergency employees are expected to report for work at the beginning of their work shift to maintain vital services.

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Emergency numbers

Police or Fire/Medical: 911
Public Safety Office: (785) 864-5900
Watkins Health Services: (785) 864-9500
Institutional Opportunity & Access: (785) 864-6414

Urgent care is an injury or illness that is not life threatening but requires immediate care. Contact Watkins Health Services at Watkins Memorial Health Center for on-campus urgent care services.

Be prepared

Students should keep their emergency contact information up to date through Enroll and Pay.

Be aware of your surroundings. Locate emergency exits or shelters in buildings you work in or visit.

In the event of severe weather, rely on local media or a NOAA weather radio for forecasts, watches and warnings from the National Weather Service.

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